Wonderful music by the wonderful Anoushka Shankar...

...and another great music clip from YouTube: The wonderful Anoushka Shankar performing live together with Jeff Lynne at the Concert for George....

Teachings by Khentrul Rinpoche

Creating Peace Without and Within
Teachings by Khentrul Rinpoche

About Khentrul Rinpoche

Khentrul Lodrö Thayé Rinpoche, acknowledged as a scholar of the highest level, has twice received the title of Khenpo (equivalent to a PHD of Philosophy). He taught for many years at monasteries in Tibet and India and is the abbot of Katog Mardo Tashi Choling in Eastern Tibet where he established a retreat center, library, shedra and is currently building a school for the children.

He directs the education and spiritual practice for over three hundred monks of whom there are seventy advanced-degree candidates, a hundred children, and twenty full time retreatants. He was invited to the USA in 2003 to start a program for studying Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and meditation in the traditional way (shedra). In addition, he continuously and tirelessly teaches throughout the country. Rinpoche’s style for presenting these profound and sacred teachings to western minds is phenomenal.


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WWW Conference with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

Online Conference

Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
“Healing With the Primordial Goddess”

Sunday, February 4th 2007. at 10:00 am - 11:30 am Central Time USA
16:00 Greenwich Meridian time
10:00Mexico, Chicago, Houston
17:00 Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Bern, Vienna

In many cultures, the primordial female energy is seen as the origin of existence and the source of wisdom, love, and compassion. Bon, the indigenous tradition of Tibet, contains teachings, which have been passed down for centuries through a long and unbroken lineage and transmission. Among these teachings are methods of retrieving this divine feminine energy to bring healing of physical and psychological illness.

Tenzin Rinpoche will teach with a focus in this second www Bön teaching on healing practices related to the primordial Goddess Sherab Chamma. She is a manifestation of wisdom, the Loving Goddess or Divine mother. The practice of Sherab Chamma helps us to get in touch with our own innate wisdom and its radiance as love and compassion. This is a practice that will benefit both new and experienced practitioners.


Web address for registration:

***Please register at least 2 days before; there you will be directed
to the e-Conference room.***

Chökling Jigme Palden Rinpoche in Wien

Chökling Jigme Palden Rinpoche, ein in der Schweiz lebender Nyingma und
Kagyu-Meister, wird Fr 9. abends und Sa + So 10./11. Februar in Wien
folgende Einweihungen geben:

PADMASAMBHAVA entsprechend der Longchen Nying Thig Tradition
VAJRAKILA entsprechend den Schätzen von Chögyur Lingpa
YESHE TSOGYAL entsprechend dem Dudjom Tersar

nähere Infos:

Rinpoche lebt seit langem mit Frau und Tochter in der Schweiz und ist mit
westlichen Praktizierenden gut vertraut. Seine beiden Wurzelgurus waren
S. H. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche und S. H. der 16. Karmapa.

Raag & Ole!

Here's a video clip of one of the greatest music projects on this small planet - Miguel Czachowsky's Indialucía with the opening song of their first (and hopefully not last) album: Raag & Ole....