Ati Lam-ngon Retreat
April 30th ­- May 6th, 2006
Margarita Island, Venezuela

A Teaching and Practice Retreat of Longsal Preliminary Practice for the Path of Ati through the Purification of the Six Lokas.


April 30th 4-6pm
Introduction of the teaching with the six syllables of Samantatabhadra and the principle of Guru Yoga with the letter A and its empowerment;

May 1st 4-6pm
Teaching on the section of preliminary applications;

May 2nd 4-6pm
Teaching on the main section, the Yoga of Guru Vajrasattva and application of these practices together;

May 3rd 4-6pm
Teaching on working with Outer and Inner Rushen gradually;

May 4th 4-6pm
Teaching on the application of the Inner Rushen of the Six Lokas together with purification with mantras;

May 5th 4-6pm
Teaching on how to manifest the three Vajras in the three Vajrasattvas and the application of the one hundred-syllable mantra and how to integrate Guru Vajrasattva in our condition;

May 6th 10-12am
Teaching on the application of Secret Rushen, Semdzins, Final Advice of this teaching and the closing of the retreat with the Practice of Guru Yoga.

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