March 10



Ghang ri rawe kor we shingkham di
Circled by ramparts of snow-mountains,
Phen thang dewa ma loe jungwae ne
This sacred realm,
Chenrezig wa Tenzin Gyatso yin
This wellspring of all benefits and happiness
Shelpal se thae bhardu
Tenzin Gyatso, bodhisattva of Compassion.
Ten gyur chik
May his reign endure Till the end of all existence.

Composed in 1745 by the Tibetan ruler, Miwang Phola, in praise of the 7th Dalai Lama (translated by Jamyang Norbu)

The Prayer of the Words of Truth

Tse mey yon ten gya tsoe pel nga shing
Buddhas, bodhisattvas and disciples throughout time
Nyam chung dro la bhu chik tar gong pey
Having qualities infinite as the endless ocean,

Du sum de sheg se dang lo mar che
Seeing each living being as your only child
Dag gi den pey may ngag di gong shig
Please heed my true and anguished cries.

Si shi dung sel yon dzog thup pay ten
Buddha's teachings dispel the pain of existence and denial.
Dzam ling yang pay phen de pel du gye
Spread happiness and prosperity throughout this world.

De dzin ke dang drup pe kye bun am
May the learned and accomplished holders of the Dharma
Cho jo nam chue jha wa pel war dzo
Cause the ten fold virtuous practice to prevail.

Mi se le ngen drak poe yong non pey
Sentient beings tormented by suffering without cease,
Bar me du key nar way nyam thak dro
Trapped by endless negative deeds,

Zo ka ne tson mu ge jig pa kun
May their unbearable fears of disease, famine and war
Shi ney de ga gya tsoe uk yung dzod
Be relieved by an ocean of bliss.

Ke par gang jong choe den kye dro nam
Especially the people of the Land of Snows,
Nak chok la loe pung gi tse mey du
Mercilessly conquered by barbaric forces of evil,

Ngen gue jom pey trag dang chi mey gyun
May their rivers of blood and tears
Nyur du choe pey thug je tu pung kye
Be swiftly halted by the power of compassion!

Nyon mong don gyi nyo pe lang cho kyi
Those who are driven mad by the demons of negative emotions,
Rang zhen nyi pung gyi pe nying je yul
Bringing ruin to all by their reckless actions:

Mi sun kye woe tsog nam lang dor mig
May such beings learn what to embrace and what to abandon,
Yong tob jam tse dza way pel la jor
And finally meet with true and loving friends!

Ring ne nying du nag pey dod pey don
May the object of my most heartfelt yearning —
Yong dzog bho jong rang wang tsang may pel

Lhun drub choe si ga ton la
And may we be swiftly granted the good fortune to enjoy
Cho pey kel sang nyur wa nyi du tsol
The joyous celebration of spiritual with temporal rule.

Ten dang de dzhin chab si rang rig ley
O Protector, Chenresig, care for them.
Che ge pe lu sog long jo yong tang tey
All who have suffered terribly,

Ka wa gya trag drub pey kye woe nam
Sacrificing their wealth, their bodies and their precious lives
Dru dzin gon de thug je kyong war dzo
For the nation, the people and the Dharma.

Dor na gon po Chen re sig wang gi
May all the vast prayers of aspiration
Se che gyel wey chen ngar gang chen zhing
The Lord Chenresig made for the land of Tibet.

Yong sung gya chen mon lam gang dze pe
Before the Buddhas and the bodhisattvas
Dre sang den dir nyur du char war sol
Swiftly come to positive fulfillment here and now.

Nang tong cho nyid sab mo ten drel dang
Through the profound of interdependence of appearance and emptiness,
Chog sum tug jey u dang den tsig tob
Through the power of the compassionate Three Jewels and the Words of Truth,

Len dre lu mey den tu dag chag gi
And through the strength of the infallible law of cause and effect,
Den pey mon lam geg mey nyur drup shok
May this, our prayer of truth, be unhindered and swiftly fulfilled.

Written on the 9th day of the 8th month, Iron Mouse year (1960), by the Buddhist monk, Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama


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