Prajnaparamita Ekashari Sutra

Single Letter Transcendent Wisdom Sutra

Homage to Prajnaparamita!

Thus have I heard: At one time the Lord dwelt at Rajagrha, on the Vulture Peak, together with a large congregation of renunciates, with 1,250 renunciates, and with countless bodhisattvas. At that time the Lord addressed Venerable Ananda:

"Ananda, do receive, for the sake of the welfare and happiness of all sentient existence, this perfection of wisdom in one letter, the letter 'a'."

Thus spoke the Lord. The Venerable Ananda, the large congregation of renunciates, the assembly of bodhisattvas, and the whole world with its devas, humans, asuras, and heavenly musicians, rejoiced at the teaching of the Lord.

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